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Handicap luxury vans were made for those with style.  Better Life Mobility doesn’t think that luxury is something you should have to give up when buying a handicap van.  That is why we offer the ability to convert most vehicles to be handicap accessible.  Whether you want a Mercedes, Cadillac, Suburban or whatever your choice may be, chances are we can do it for you.

The Sprinter mobility van lives up to the Mercedes-Benz name with its high-end luxury design and superior features.  It is customized to include features such as DVD, sofa beds, refrigerators caption seats and much more.  The Sprinter has remained a top choice for those wanting to ride in style while also having the capacity of a van.  The Ricon Clearway Lift is just another option for the vehicle.  The lift folds up and out of the way with a touch of a button as well as includes handrails for extra security.  Its interior space and versatility make it the ultimate option in leisure travel.


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Better Life Mobility - Guido Simplex

  • Accessible Vehicles,
  • Handicap minivans (Honda, Dodge, Chrysler, Toyota, Ford),
  • Full size mobility vans,
  • Handicap accessible trucks,
  • Luxury wheelchair vehicles,
  • Adaptive driving equipment,
  • Scooters,
  • Power chairs,
  • Wheelchairs,
  • Wheelchair and Scooter lifts,
  • Vehicle Lifts,
  • Home platform and stair lifts,
  • Turning automotive seating.

Better Life Mobility has locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego. If you are in the area and need mobility assistance stop by and visit one of our mobility experts. Our selection of mobility products are designed to help you wherever you want to go.

Better Life Mobility – Family owned since 1997, BetterLifeMobility.com is a wheelchair van authorized dealer serving San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We are committed to providing safe, comfortable and easy-to-use accessible vehicles, along with exceptional service and financing that meets your needs.